Undefined reference to cutStartTimer() on Linux Please....... help


When i am compiling my code in linux , i amgetting error saying "Undefined reference to cutStartTimer() " …

Please note that when I compile sample codes provided by Nvidia… in that case i am not getting any error regarding CUDA timer…

So, now i am confused what is happening?

Can anyone help me out??

The CUT functions are NVIDIA’s SDK provided. There are there in one of the libraries provided by the SDK. YOu need to specify those libraries to your Linker. For example, I am on windows and I have to specify “cutil32D.lib” in “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\common\lib” directory as linker input. There must be a similar mechanism to do in linux as well. YOu may need to specify this in your make file, I believe. CHeck out,.