[Unity SteamVR] CloudXR 3.2 issues when streaming to mobile devices

Using an Amazon CloudXR 3.2 VM and a SteamVR plugin Unity executable I’ve encountered the following issues when using the Nvidia Sample .APK client to view the application:

  1. Audio does not play correctly and emits a “ticking” noise when listening from mobile devices
  2. Models will not be rendered when it’s position is below half of the mobile device screen height in landscape mode.

Is there any possible fixes for these issues encountered?
Below are the specifications that I’m using to develop the SteamVR application.

Software Development used:

  • Unity Editor 2020.3.38f1
  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP) Version 10.10.1
  • SteamVR Unity Plugin - v2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15)

Mobile device used:

  • Samsung S21 FE
  • Nvidia Sample ARCore Client

Hi @HH-Edmund - Thanks for reaching out. We’ll review this internally and will get back to you.