Unwanted behavior with Revolution Joint

I have a robot with four revolution joints that are connected to ROS2. I have an unwanted behavior with the revolution joints. If I give the joints a velocity command they will be still until I turn the velocity back down to zero. Then once the velocity command is zero the wheels will start spinning and won’t stop.

The wheels have Angular drive with type acceleration, I don’t know the difference between this and force but it makes no difference. The joints have damping 1 and stiffness 0. Changing the damping also makes no difference. The wheels have friction and so does the ground plane.

Here is a video where I show the problem, sorry for the low FPS.
Youtube link

Here is a zip with the USD file inside.
flat.zip (11.3 MB)

I have spent hours on this and I managed to figure it out only a few minutes after posting this. Hopefully, someone in the future will take help from this.

The problem was the way my action graph was set up. I had connected the Exec Out from the Twist node to my Articulation Controller. But it is supposed to be dragged from the On Playback Tick.



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