Unzipping DevKit file resulted in 0 bits transferred

I am using the MacOS terminal and on step 7 of write image to the microSD card, there seems to be something wrong. There is no data being transferred when running this command: /usr/bin/unzip -p ~/Downloads/jetson_nano_devkit_sd_card.zip | sudo /bin/dd of=/dev/rdisk bs=1m

Heres the link to the setup guide I am using.

Link: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/learn/get-started-jetson-nano-2gb-devkit#write

I also included an image

I’m not a Mac guy, but it is a lot closer to Linux than is Windows in how it works. What size is the zip file itself? I’d verify that the zip file actually has content. Also, if unzip is the same in a Mac, then it has an option to “list files”. In Linux, this would be:
unzip -l ~/Downloads/jetson_nano_devkit_sd_card_zip
(or whatever the actual file name is)

See if unzip thinks there is a file in the zip archive. Once you know there is a file, then dd can be used (which I think is very much like the Linux dd, but I don’t know for sure).

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