Update DeepStream container to Ubuntu 18.04 and GStreamer 1.14

Is it possible to update the DeepStream container from the ngc nvidia gpu cloud to use Ubuntu 18.04 instead of Ubuntu 16.04 and also the currently latest release 1.14 instead of the older 1.8. version it is using now?

I cannot get the Dockerfile this container was built with, otherwise I would have already done it. Building it completely from scratch would cost me a lot of time, which is the reason I hope for an easier solution.

Unfortunately, some features of the 1.14 GStreamer release are needed, which are not supported in 1.8.

Thanks in advance.

Deepstream4.0 will run on Ubuntu 18.04. And it will be released later.

ETA for Deepstream 4.0?

Hi jeffreyb,

We can’t disclose the schedule, but should not be too long, please stay tuned.