Updating Pinmux Config Without Flashing


I need to update my Jetson TX2s pinmux configuration. I can’t access to TX2 physically at the moment but have remote connection. TX2 has Jetpack 4.4.1 on it.

I saw topics related to editing pinmux on device. My problem occurs at the startup, so I need a complete update to pinmux configuration to have the changes at the startup.

Since I dont have access to device now, I need to update it remotely. Is there any way to do this?
How does this pinmux configuration stored in module?

Thanks in advance.

Actually, if you just want the pinmux to take effect in kernel. Then replacing the dtb should be sufficient.

Thanks for your reply.

Using pinmux spreadsheet I generate a .cfg file and place it in Linux_for_Tegra package. After flashing TX2 with this, generated pinmux applies. How can I generate new dtb including this pinmux configuration?

If you just want it take effect in kernel, then no need that cfg, the dts file from the spreadsheet is what we need.