Pinmux details for Jetson TX2 NX


I have a carrier board which works with Jetson NX and I want to use it for TX2 NX. I an able to flash and test the Stock BSP L4T 32.5.1.

I wanted to do a pinmux changes according to my board.
in NX i have changed as below for UART RTS/CTS controlled by GPIO:
UB3_RTS Output Int PU
UB3_CTS Input Int PU

changed to

GPIO3_PX.06 Output Int PU
GPIO3_PX.07 Input Int PU

I see there is a slight change in the GPIO number, should that be fine? is it compatible?
|103|UART0_RTS*||UART2_RTS|GPIO3_PX.02|Output|Int PD|
|105|UART0_CTS*||UART2_CTS|GPIO3_PX.03|Input|Int PD|

Also which GPIO header should I use to calculate sysfs? same as NX? tegra194-gpio.h

what should be the formula?

hello venkatraman.bhat,

it’s Xavier series to use t194, you should check header file, tegra194-gpio.h, for Jetson AGX Xavier or Xavier NX.
so, please looking for tegra186-gpio.h, for Jetson TX2, and TX2 NX series.
please also refer to pinmux spreadsheets via download center for the default pin configurations.

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Okey, thanks for that.

I got tegra186-gpio.h here

So I got another doubt, If I need to make changes to dts or kernel files for TX2 NX under which section should I make changes? its under t18x ? same as TX2 series?

What all are the features provided under developer preview for TX2 NX ? or what is not supported?

What I wanted to do is try applying some patches here for TX2 NX. I already have my patches used for NX. So I wanted to know what are the differences I need to make. Its kind of porting from NX to TX2 NX i am trying

All build activities can follow same as TX2 and its pin mux supports are same as NX right?

hello venkatraman.bhat,

they’re sharing the same kernel code; but the device tree source were differ due to different hardware.
please check the sources under hardware/nvidia/platform/t18x/lanai/kernel-dts/ for TX2 NX dtsi sources.

yes, the same building process, just note that you’re using correct device tree blob for each platforms.

thank you for the info

Here are my patch files for NX, can you suggest me where exactly I need to make changes for this?
one is changing second USB to host
another one is for enabling SD card002-usb-host-mode.diff (508 Bytes) 003-sd-card-enable.diff (756 Bytes)

hello venkatraman.bhat,

you’ll need to download the latest release sources package.
please check L4T | NVIDIA Developer, it’s l4t-r32.5.1 to add developer preview support for Jetson TX2 NX module.
for example,
here’s path for TX2 NX’s device tree sources. please include your changes and build the device tree blob.

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I have done some modifications to pinmux for TX2 NX and generated pinmux.cfg file as well in Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/pinmux/t18x/ using python script.

with which file I need to replace this pinmux ?
tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-p3636-0001-a00.cfg is the correct one? this file is pointed by p3509-0000+p3636-0001.conf and in turn our config script jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx.conf has a symlink to p3509-0000+p3636-0001.conf

hello venkatraman.bhat,

yes, please also check the flash messages for confirmation.

here is the flash log:
[ 2.1180 ] Retrieving EEPROM data
[ 2.1183 ] tegrarcm_v2 --oem platformdetails eeprom cvm /home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/cvm.bin
[ 2.1204 ] Applet version 01.00.0000
[ 2.1235 ] Saved platform info in /home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/cvm.bin
[ 2.1972 ]
Board ID(3636) version(300) sku(0001) revision(H.0)
Copy /home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/dtb/tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dtb to /home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/dtb/tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dtb.rec
copying bctfile(/home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-memcfg-p3636-0001-a01.cfg)… done.
copying misc_config(/home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-misc-si-l4t.cfg)… done.
copying pinmux_config(/home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-p3636-0001-a00.cfg)… done.
pmic_config(/home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pmic-p3636-0001-a00.cfg)… done.
copying pmc_config(/home/hm/BSP/tx2nx/test/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pad-p3636-0001-a00.cfg)… done.

TX2_NX_Flashlog_custom_BSP_05132021.txt (35.0 KB)

so this is the one right?


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