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This is my second time paying for the “Hands-on Machine Learning with AWS and NVIDIA” course, and I’m still facing the same issue: “Your total lab usage time of 180 minutes has exceeded the total allocated time of 180 minutes.”

I’ve been trying to resolve this problem for three months, posting on the course forum, but no one has responded. I’ve completed all the videos and readings for every week except week 2. I just want to finish my course and receive my certificate.

Although it’s stated that the labs are optional and not required for certification, I can’t progress beyond this step. I am simply asking to complete this course and get my certificate. I’m exhausted from repeatedly filing complaints. The support team is non-existent, and there’s no way to contact them directly.

Please, I’m just asking for this simple request, which I have paid for twice. Could you extend my lab time, so I can complete the course?

Here is my profile link:

Thank you.


I think you may be confused, first you have never posted in the NVIDIA forums before (see image).

Second, there is no course assigned with your email address in our system.
Looks like you are using a third-party training site. Please contact them for support.

Hello, Thanks for the fast replay.

Yes, you are correct. This is my first time posting here, but I have been requesting this in their forums for months, but I got no replies. I don’t know if your course on Coursera “Hands-on Machine Learning with AWS and NVIDIA” is a third-party training,

and yes, I’m enrolled with a different email, not with this one that I have on my Nvidia account. Do you want me to provide for you my email ? or I can change my email if that’s what it takes.

Thank you !

Please send me your email in a private message (click my avatar for message option), and I will check for an account with your address.

Hello Tom, I have just sent you a private message.

There are no accounts listed with your email address. You will need to work with the company that is offering that training. I’m sorry that I cannot help you.

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