USB 3.0 Super Speed camera reset repeatedly

Hello! I have a camera connected to the Jetson TX2 development board running Jetpack 28.2, and the image drops out sporadically. Each time the image drops out I also get one or two messages like this on dmesg:

…: usb2-1: reset SuperSpeed USB device number 10 using xhci-tegra
…: xhci-tegra: 35300000.xhci: WARN Event TRB for slot 1 ep 2 with out TDs queued?

This seems to be consistent with different USB 3.0 cables, and it seems to be related to the throughput of the camera. A lower resolution camera from the same family running with the same driver doesn’t have the problem, and it produces about a quarter of this camera’s data rate, and configuring this camera to output at a higher bandwidth seems to worsen the problem. Would you guys have any advice on how to troubleshoot or fix this problem?

Please refer to

Some debug tips for your reference.