USB 3.1 port 0 and 3 bandwidth

In AGX Xavier, USB 3.1 port 0 and port 3 share 10 Gbps total bandwidth, while USB 3.1 port 2 has the full 10 Gbps total bandwidth.

  1. If selected USB 3.1 port 0 and USB 3.1 port 2. Is it possible to use full 10 Gbps bandwidth in port 0 and port 2 simultaneously? [Port 3 no device connected]
  2. If yes, do need any changes in hardware and software side?

Thanks in advance.

No, only one controller in Tegra.

Hi Trumany,

Then there is no way to use two 3.1 port with full 10 GB bandwidth simultaneously.

For First 3.1 port, USB 3.1 port 2 has already 10 GB support.
For second 3.1 port, USB 3.1 port 0 and port 3 shares 10GB bandwidth My understanding is when we use only 3.1 Port 0 or 3.1 port 3 we can able to achieve full 10GB Bandwidth.

Please clarify on my understanding.

Do I have any update on my previous comment?

Yes, it is 10GB bandwidth in that configuration.

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