USB enumerate device failed with error code -71

I’m using Jetson Nano Developer Kit (P3448-0000 module) to test Kingston 480GB SSD. The SD card Image uses official image sd-blob-b01-r4.6.img. The SSD connects to USB port of Jetson Nano through a USB to M.2 Interface Card which has a RTL9210B chip on it.
When Jetson Nano Developer Kit power on and OS starts up. I input ‘dd’ command to read or write SSD in Linux. Several times later, the SSD lost. And the system reports error number -71. This problem will not disappear even though reboot system. Only if the board power on again the system can recover normally. The log as follows.

usb-test.log (93.3 KB)

Is it possible to provide external power supply to this SSD?

I’m afraid not.

Even if it is only temporary, perhaps you could plug the SSD into an externally powered USB hub, and then the hub into the Jetson. Power delivery and signal quality are both highly suspect in this case, and an externally powered USB hub would at least temporarily relieve power requirements and act as a kind of “signal adapter” if it is a signal quality issue. It is hard to emphasize how much information such a test would provide.

I try to provide external power supply to SSD, but problem still exists.
When this problem appears, I reset the external power supply and Jetson Nano can identify SSD again.