Failed to found usb device when write

we use adapter card convert a ssd into a usb interface. then connected it to the jetson nana .

but when wriet by dd common (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda), the /dev/sda will be disconnect.

error info is about:usb2.1.1: device not accepting addredss xxx, error -71
usb1.2.1: can’t set config #1, error -71
synchronize cache(10) failed: result: hostbyte:0x07 driverbyte=0x00

we use jetson official 4.6 and 4.3 both had this problem.

usb adapater card is usb3.0 interface. Is it a usb adaptive problem? or the other ?


It looks to be an issue in power supply. There is an embedded hub on Jetson Nano developer kit. Please connect it to an external hub with power supply and then connect to device. To try and check if it is more stable with external power supply to the USB device.

we had checked power supply , it is stable at 5V, even device is reporting error.

We found usb device report error often happen when stop write.
eg: when I dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
then ctrl +c stop the dd write, usb device maybe report error.
If we do not stop write, it can work ok.

But sometimes we do not write and read on usb device, and do not have any operation, it is maybe also report same error.

And we also found, usb device sometime adaptive to usb2.0, sometime adaptive to usb3.0, and operation system do not reboot when it is changed, and usb storage also do not plug in again when it is changed. the import thing is we use oscilloscope check power is stable.

wait for reply, thanks.

We update the fireware of usb adapter card, usb device is also disconnect, but can not be recognize again.
Before update fireware, after usb device discoonected, it can be recongize again, but maybe change from usb2.0 to usb3.0, or change from usb3.0 to usb2.0

It always hapened when after dd write(dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda) , then begin to dd read(dd if=/dev/sda, of=/dev/null).

Does the USB device pass compliance test? If not we suggest do it to make sure signal quality is good.

We have done compliance test for Jetson Nano developer kit so it should work fine with on-market USB devices.

I would bet it is the adapter USB side. One reason I say this is that switching from USB3 back to USB2 is a sign of bad signal quality. You might report on whether the following succeeds or fails:

  • That disk on another computer going directly to a SATA controller.
  • Another disk on the USB controller on a different computer.
  • The same disk on that adapter on a different computer.
  • If the disk does work on another computer, does it switch back to USB2, or remain USB3?

We use this SSD + usb adapter card, and do not do compliance test.

can Jetson Nano work fine with SSD + usb adapter card ?

We do not have another computer can directly use this ssd disk. we just can use this ssd by usb adapter.
And we have 4 ssd and 4 usb adapter, but 4 ssd both one manufacturer, and 4 usb adapter is also one manufacturer. So we just can change ssd and usb adapter each other, but can not change another manufacturer ssd or usb adapter.

We use ssd + usb adapter on another developer kit, it also switch from usb3.0 to usb2.0, but it do not report error(-71), and write and read ok.

We change some fireware of usb adapter found some change. usb adapter is realtek RTL9210B., It original fireware version is 1.23. we update fireware to v1.27, now no more errors were reported, it can write and read ok. But it just can work on usb2.0, can not adapter to usb3.0. it performance is too low.

How can it work on usb3.0?

We would still suggest make sure the USB devices have done compliance tests. We have done it for Jetson Nano developer kit and it should work fine with the devices on market. For each releases, we have tested USB3 pendrive and cameras. The USB3 cameras are from E-Con, Logitech, AverMedia. These can be enumerated as USB3 device(SuperSpeed). We don’t test the USB adapter in your use-case, but if the signals are tuned and passed compliance test, it should work fine as other on-market devices.

I have to also suggest the compliance test. Reverting from USB3 to USB2 is often a sign of signal quality failure (USB3 requires a higher quality signal and engineering for signal quality is not trivial at those speeds). If the system is throttling back due to signal quality (which the cases of not having the error message are likely to indicate), then there is nothing which can be done in software to change this (if you forced USB3 when quality is insufficient, then you would likely get a completely corrupted content).

Note: Sometimes a HUB can be placed between and change signal quality. Every single signal quality issue is custom to the specific trace layouts, and sometimes changing the HUB changes that layout and can tweak a small improvement (or make it worse).


How to do usb compliance test?

Can I use “USB3CV Tool” download from Compliance Tools | USB-IF ?

Or another tools?

You would need to contact vendor of the USB adapter.

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