USB error message

When we insert USB drive/keyboard/mouse …etc devices into USB2.0 type A connector, the system will show some error message from the console port as below information.
It seems re-try 6 times, and the system can recognize USB 2.0 device finally. Could you help to check it and also provides your suggestions?

As below, there are difference on USB configuration between our carrier board and Jetson NX EVB.

The mainly difference is “USB3.0 port correspond USB2.0 port2”, however, Jetson NX EVB is “USB3.0 port correspond
USB2.0 port1”. Not sure if it will exist any side effect…

Our USB block diagram from our carrier board design:

Jetson NX EVB’s USB block diagram.

You change some configuration in hardware, but I don’t hear anything that you ever changed in software.

Do you know that you need to configure the device tree?

Dear WayneWWW,

About the software change in the device tree, there is few adjust our supplier advice for the nvidia,usb2-companion.

usb3-2 {
//                              nvidia,usb2-companion = <1>;
                                nvidia,usb2-companion = <2>;
                                status = "okay";

The final dts which revert from the kernel/dtb/tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dtb
tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000_20211110_1621.dts (268.4 KB)

I’ve check this value under Linux with hexdump, it seems be tuned already.

The Original value/result
$ hexdump /proc/device-tree/xusb_padctl@3520000/ports/usb3-2/nvidia\,usb2-companion
0000000 0000 0100

The New one
$ hexdump /proc/device-tree/xusb_padctl@3520000/ports/usb3-2/nvidia\,usb2-companion
0000000 0000 0200

But the situation is still happened again. Would you mind to give some suggestion for this configuration.

Best Regards,

Just a double confirm. Is that usb 1-2.4 from your M.2 key B slot or from that usb 2.0 hub and its child devices?

Dear Wayne,

After Check, the usb 1-2.4 seems not only meaning the M.2 key B slot.
As the photo I fetch, it seems also will show while I plug the usb storage on our USB3.0 typeA port0,1(which connect under hub)

Best Regards,

Please stop using photos to share your log. Attach the full dmesg as a text file…

Why do you have a usb3.0 type A port 0, 1 now? Your diagram only has one usb3 here and it is for the m.2 key B.


Dear Wayne,

Sorry, Type wrong. there should be USB"2".0 type A.
There is the log which I fetch again.
xavier_20211111_1639.log (110.3 KB)

Operate steps after login
1. dmesg | grep "usb 1-2"
2. Insert usb storage to the USB2.0 type A port1
3. lsusb, lsusb -t, dmesg | grep "usb 1-2"
4. Remove and insert usb storage to USB2.0 type A port2
5. lsusb, lsusb -t, dmesg | grep "usb 1-2" 

According our schematic, the hub downstream
port 1 and port 2 is connect with USB2.0 type A
port 3 is connect with M.2 E Key
port 4 is connect with USB to UART.

After sort out again, the
the usb 2-3 connect with M.2 key B

[    5.981347] usb 2-3: Product: Sierra Wireless EM7430 QualcommR Snapdragon? X7 LTE-A

the 1-2.1 and 1-2.2 connect with USB2.0 Tyep A

[   48.924284] usb 1-2.1: Product: Mass Storage Device
[   48.924290] usb 1-2.1: Manufacturer: JetFlash
[   48.924296] usb 1-2.1: SerialNumber: 071BNOEQB1I1ZCCW
[   97.780325] usb 1-2.2: Product: Mass Storage Device
[   97.780331] usb 1-2.2: Manufacturer: JetFlash
[   97.780337] usb 1-2.2: SerialNumber: 071BNOEQB1I1ZCCW

If my understand is correct, the usb 1-2.4 probably connect with the USB to UART

Best Regards,

Please check if all that (device not accepting address 10, error -71) errors happen in the hub downstream or even that M.2 B key has such issue.

We can only deal with the usb issue that directly from the jetson. For those issue under hub, you should contact with hub vendor.

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