usb in uboot of Jetson Tx2 has no controllers

Hi everyone,
Today I checked usb available on uboot of Jetson TX2 by command

usb start

and I got the feedback

starting USB...
No controllers found

Are there anyone can tell me some information about usb controller in uboot and how to enable usb in uboot of Jetson TX2?
Thank in advance

P.S. usb in uboot of Jetson Tx1 work well

for more information, is this also on r28.1?

Dear DaneLLL,
Yes, I am using Jetpack 3.1 and this situation is on r28.1

Hi Quang_OpenStack,

USB is not supported in U-Boot on T186.
You can find the document in R28.1 Driver package → Software Features → Boot Loaders → U-Boot

Document link:

Hi everyone,

Do you have an idea of why there is no support for USB in U-boot on T186 ?
Is it physically impossible, or is there a missing USB driver for T186 in U-boot ?

Thank you !


In tx2, there is no usb2.0 controller, so the only one that can used for usb is xusb controller. However, it requires xusb firmware and uboot cannot access it.

Thank you for your answer WayneWWW.

Indeed, the xusb firmware is not accesible by u-boot.
I asked the question on #tegra freenode IRC channel, and it would be possible to load the firmware from u-boot provided that the UPHY has been updated for u-boot before.

Hi hgouttard,
I am also trying to get u-boot on my TX2 to support the usb3.0 controller so that I can boot from a usb stick.

Did you get this to work? I don’t understand your last comment about “loading the firmware from u-boot provided the UPHY has been updated for u-boot before”.

Do you have more info on this?

Many thanks