TX2 flash Ubuntu18.04LTS,USB1 and usb2 can not use

I have a custom carriers without INA3221 power monitoring, and if i flash Ubuntu 16.04 then Patched DTB with


Every usb is OK

 USB0_VBUS_DET  -- B37
 USB0_OTG_ID  --  A36
 USB0_D  --  B40
 USB0_D  --  B39
 USB0_EN_OC  --  A17

 USB2_D  --  B42
 USB2_D  --  B43
 USB2_EN_OC  --  A19

 USB1_D  -- A38
 USB1_D  -- A39
 USB1_EN_OC  --  A18

But if i flash the TX2 to 18.04,and Patched DTB then just USB0 could use, USB1 and USB2 could not use.
I have checkde all the USB’s voltage is OK

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