USB no longer working

My TX2 continually generates these messages, and there is no power on either USB port. Is there a way to reset as the error message requests?

[  225.896624] usb usb2-port1: over-current condition
[  225.904337] tegra186-padctl 3520000.pinctrl: tegra18x_phy_xusb_handle_overcurrent: clear port 1 pin 1 OC
[  225.946453] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: port 1 over-current detected

It is a USB standard to cut off power if there is overcurrent. The question is why it is happening (e.g., too many devices attached or a short in the connector). What is connected? If nothing, then look closely at the pins in and around any connector and see if you see any damage.

There is no obvious damage. Also this is occurring with nothing plugged into either cable and persists after multiple restarts. First started last night, this morning turned it on again and the message starts appearing before its even done booting. All with nothing plugged in.

Someone else may know of test points to determine if there is a bus down or a short. Without knowing why it thinks there is overcurrent it probably is neither possible nor wise to provide some sort of software to override the short. If the unit is still in warranty, then it might be time to RMA.

EDIT: Just thought of another possibility. Perhaps the voltage on the bus is an issue because of the power supply. Not likely, but if you have a more powerful power supply you might check with that and see if the issue goes away.

I don’t have anything else running on the machine or plugged in, so it isn’t using much power. I just tried with a different power supply, same issue.

It is still in warranty. How do I start the RMA process?

Search for “RMA” near the top of this: