USB overcurrent functionality


how usb over current detection functionality is implemented in jetson tk1 ? is it handled by nvidia USB controller or is it handled thru some specific GPIs ?

thanks in advance.

Ti TPS2065DGNRG4 chip used for USB overcurrent function, OC signal was short to USB_VBUS_EN1(Pull up to 3.3v), If the overcurrent happen,The +5V_USB_HS will be switched off. OC&USB_VBUS_EN1 was connected to Tegra GPIO, The host could detect the OC event.

which GPI to be used by host to detect the OC event ?

as you mentioned that +5V_USB_HS is switched off once over current happens, then how once again power is turned ON once current is under limit ? do host need to set some GPO or chip TPS2065DGNRG4 automatically turns ON power once over current condition is removed ?

TK1 Ball AC1 is used as GPI for OC detect.
The power is auto turned on once over current condition is removed as the OC going to high which is short with Enable signal of TPS2065DGNRG4
Please look at page 17 of JTK1 schematic.