USB Type C 3.1 multiple feature support?

Hi Sir,

We are using Nvidia Xavier NX in our custom design. we have one query regarding USB 3.1 type C.

Xavier NX will support following feature on USB - C (on single port) ?

  1. Data transfer
  2. Power delivery
  3. Display port

And if it supports, then we have to do some specific configuration in software or any HW side changes ?

Alok Pawar


The USB Type C port isn’t regard about the module, The feature need implement on carrier board.
Jetson Xavier NX carrier board don’t have USB3.1 Type C port.
Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board have USB3.1 Type C port. And it supports all the three features.

Thanks for reply.
Yes Xavier NX don’t have USB 3.1 Type C, but if we will use type C connector in our custom board then we can access all three supports.