Use rgmii on orin, the speed drop from 1g to 10M

hi nv team,
I use the rgmii port on my custom board I have follow the instruction on the DeveloperGuide.
1. modify the pinmux excel, and genrate the new dtsi file
2. modfiy the device tree the enable rgmii

now the rgmii port can work, but it can only wrok in 10M.(when I plugin the Network cable, it first auto negotiation to 1G, but quickly, the net down. after about 15s, the net up with the speed of 10M)

the net can work, because I can ping each other between orin and my host computer.

here is the dmesg.

eth.log (7.5 KB)

jetpack: 5.0.2

so any suggestion about this issue

here is the dmesg file


The last time another customer reporting this issue to us, turned out it is hardware defect.

Thus, better review your hardware first.

Also, this “88E1512” RGMII bring up on Orin has been validated for near 10 partners case already. Thus, if you follow the adaptation guide document, it may not be a software problem.

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