Use the microusb for debuging

Hi, all:

I want to mircousb on orin agx for debug, but when i plugin the mircousb between orin and my host computer, in my computer their are four port appears.

the ttyACM0 is for the usb type-c beside the 40 pin.
the ttyACM1-4 are for the mircousb

so why there are so many ttyACM*, and what are their respective functions?

which ttyACM* port should be used as debug port and will print the boot process?

Hi mmcly,

J26 (USB micro-B port) → For Debug UART
It generate ttyACM0~ttyACM3. The UART is in ttyAMC0, you can see the uart log before system boot into desktop.

J40 (USB type-C port)
It generate ttyACM4. You can see the uart log after system boot into desktop.

Please refer detail from here: Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide - Hardware Layout | NVIDIA Developer

thx carolyuu. it’s useful

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