Uart ttyAMA0

Hello, we use l4t35.1 jetson-agx-Orin. On the customized load board, we use UART2(C58 C56 G58 A57), the system port number is dev/ttyAMA0, which is used as the communication interface. When the Baudrate is set to 115200, the communication interface is normal. When Baudrate is set to 9600, data cannot be sent or received

In addition, I see that this interface can view the system startup information when booting. Is it occupied as the console interface? How can I use this interface as the communication interface?

hello Jodan,

please refer to,
Orin series is using USB micro-B for Debug UART. it’s ttyACM0.
you may see-also Jetson AGX Orin Series Product Design Guide, there’re only UART1/2/5 were used as UART ports on DevKit. BTW, please refer to Topic 224460 for more details.

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