Using a Raspberry pi AMP on the Jetson Nano


I got redirect to this forum after 5 different support chats.
So please keep this in mind if this is question is unnecessary.

I have a Nvidia Jetson Nano and a HiFi Berry DAC+ ( is actually designed for a Raspberry pi.
Now I wanted to use this DAC with the Jetson. However I read some articles that the voltage used on the Jetson nano GPIO’s is not the same as on the Raspberry Pi.
My questions is if I can use this DAC without damaging the Jetson Nano in any way.
And if there is any chance to get the DAC working properly because on the HiFi berry website only Support for certain OS’s ( stated.

Thank you for your time and help in advance!

Hi, as for the voltage matching, there are only 1.8V and 3.3V GPIOs on Jetson nano, if that of device does not match, a level shift is necessary.

Thank you for your answer.

As found here the raspberry uses 3v3 too (

I found the following on the Hifiberry Website( :
“GPIO2-3 (pins 3 and 5) are used by our products for configuration. If you are experienced with I2C, you might add other slave devices. If you a a novice, we don’t recommend this at all.
GPIOs 18-21 (pins 12, 35, 38 and 40) are used for the sound interface. You can’t use them for any other purpose.”

Therfore the dac will use the i2c interface of the Jetson nano. Than I could connect the I2c pins with
the dac directly and leave out the power pins.
Will this prevent any damage on the nano?

An i2c amp should work with the alsa mixer too or will this be the killer of my idea?

thank you for your answer in advance.

I am not so clear about your question. For Jetson nano, there are standard I2C ports, you can use them to DAC, the pull up voltage is 1.8V or 3.3V. Maybe you need to query DAC vendor for reference design and then consider how to connect that to nano.


I have asked HiFiBerry and they said that this will not work at all.
Maybe the pin connection will work but the drivers won’t.

Are there any (quality) DACs + AMPs made specially for the nano?

Thank you for your help.

The HifiBerry DAC+ should work as it hosts a pcm5121/pcm5122 which should be fine through the I2S interface. I posted a topicdescribing how to enable the I2S interface and this was tested with ES9023 DAC (which also compatible with RPI).


thank you for your help!
I will try it with this board.