Connection Jetson to a Soundcard

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I am trying to develop a Jetson program which will output an audio signal to a filtering system. This signal will need to be analog, so the digital audio output of the Jetson will need to be passed to a sound card which can preform the digital to analog conversion. This signal will not be a typical sound signal, and will need a sampling rate in the 500kSamp/s range. I was wondering if anybody has any experience connecting the Jetson to a sound card, and could provide some device recommendations. I am looking for a plug and play solution which will keep this process fairly simple.



We have support for the FE-PI Audio Z V2 board [0] that features the SGTL5000 codec. This codec, however, only supports up to 96kHz which is way off the 500kHz that you are looking for. Is there a specific DAC you are looking at? I know that there are some TI DACs such as the PCM5102a [1] that support upto 384kHz. These DACs should be relatively straight forward to support on Jetson because the DAC can be connected to the I2S interface and does not require any configuration via a separate control interface (such as I2C or SPI).

Please note that another thing to bare in mind is that the max frequency supported on the Jetson Nano I2S is 24.576MHz. So at 500kHz, you could support 2 16-bit channels or 1 32-bit channel per I2S interface.



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