Voltage analog output (non-audio DAC)

Hi Guys,

We are looking for Jetson Nano compatible digital to analog converter capable of working with up to 100ksps speeds, minimum bit depth of 18bit and ideally 3-4 channels per board (or potential of multiple boards to be used with single computer at the same time). There are many such data output devices for Windows and there are plenty of audio converters for Raspberry (presumably Jetson compatible). There are some industrial converters out there that I found but generally they seem to be happy with 12bit resolution and not very fast.

Our target application is real time signal acquisition, processing and output, therefore to accurately re-build the signal into voltage we need to be able to accurately output voltage at high speed all within allowed time delay budget. We want to avoid designing custom board if possible.

If you seen any of such device please let us know!

Otherwise, if any got some real time SPI communication experience with Nano this might help too in case we need to go into the design of our own DAC board. I am concerned that there are some messaged of high timing jitter for SPI slave communication but not sure if this anyhow affects master SPI output.

Hope someone had such experience/device can be shared. For Jetson nano, it is standard interface for such usage. It should be no problem.

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