Using a2f from python script

Is there anyway to play the animation and the audio from a python script with requests straight to the client? Or do i need to export the usd file and the audio and use another platform to visualise them?

If you know the name of the audioplayer instance, you could run these scripts:

from omni.audio2face.player import get_ext
instance = get_ext().player_manager().get_instance("/World/audio2face/Player")

Otherwise you can use instances = get_ext().player_manager().get_instances()

perfect thank you very much!

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Can i use omniverse kit outside of omniverse apps though?

Sorry I’m not quite sure if I understand. But omni.audio2face.player is a kit extension which means it can be used in any omniverse app it was loaded in.

nevermind the question. i was using an external python script to do what i wanted 2h ago. since then i started creating the extension i needed using the kit. thanks!

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