Using all processors on AutoChauffeur at the same time

Hi all,

Is it possible to use two processors on Drivec PX2 AutoChauffeur at the same time?

I am using Tegra A on the board, and was looking for information how two processors work and send data between each other.

Myungseok Shim

Hello myungseok,

Tegra-A and Tegra-B are inter-connected with Ethernet over the Marvell Gb AVB Switch. They can communicate with each another through this network connection.
Each Tegra is dynamically assigned an IP address at boot. Network configuration is managed by the systemd-networkd daemon.
You can then use SCP to copy files between Tegras, use the socket API to have application communicate between the 2 Tegras etc. Please see below DPX2 block diagram. Thanks.

How do i assign Tegra A with a static ip? The reason to do so is because, currently i would like use drivepx2 as a perception module that communicates with a main pc. I need a static ip so that i do not need to go into drivepx and check its assigned ip each time.