Isolating Network Interfaces on the DrivePX2

Hey guys,

for safety and security reasons we need to isolate our sensor network, control network and HMI/Communication network from each other. We cannot find a clear documentation on how the networks topology is on the Drive PX and how to configure the internal switch and routing for that.

We realized that one Tegra A has two separated MAC addresses and Tegra B just one. Only one interface on Tegra A is physical isolated from the other two interfaces. Is there any way how we can configure the DrivePX in a safer way to isolate the interface?

We tried to solve this issue over a long time and had heavy issues with that: Autonomous vehicles got sensor data from each other.

Any input is appreciated.

Dear tobias.augspurger,

Could you please refer to the following link for your topic?

Configuring the Network Interface