How to configure Base-T1 ports

I was checking DRIVE_SW_10.0_References and saw the following expression in Ethernet Network Topology in AV Configuration section. But I couldn’t found how those are configured and to what extent. Can anyone help me with it?

  1. Lidar and Radar traffic is over both 1G and 100MB HSD interfaces (all configured for 100 Mbps).

Some questions I can ask are as follows.

  • How do we configure the speed of the port?
  • Do we need to configure the static IP for each? If so, how?
  • If required, how do we initialize/activate the ports in use?

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
SDK Manager Version:

Hello @ozzdemir,

please consider this post:

the speed of each port is configured to up to max value described in the documentation (and also listed obove each HSD plug on the board).

Hi @shayNV,
I already saw that post and asked this question after inspecting Ethernet Network Topology in AV Configuration(As stated in the original question).
What I understand from your answer is that those ports auto-negotiate up to designed speed, right?
Can you help me with the other questions also?

Hi @ozzdemir,

sorry for the misunderstanding, the traffic speed are configured in the marvel switch firmware.

the speed was configured this way for the planned usage of the ports - can you please elaborate on the reason you would like it to be different?

there is no need to configure the IP per port, the switches handles all the traffic.
you only need to configure in the Xavier the vlan you need for your sensors.

all ports are activated and ready to be used by the LiDARs and RADARs once the board is powered up.
can you clarify the question if this does not answer your question?

Hi again,
I would like to use multiple RADAR’s and LIDAR’s just like in the AV Configuration and those are all work with 100Mbps. That’s why, I need to use 1Gbps ones also. How can I configure them to be 100Mbps?

you only need to configure in the Xavier the vlan you need for your sensors.

Also, can you clarify the procedure for VLAN configuration. (Or gave me a reference document or so)

Hi @ozzdemir,
The next software release that we have planned soon will fix this issue and we are working on improving documentation for networking configuration. each port will support the max HW traffic speed as mentioned in the Drive AGX front panel connections description (also shown on the board itself):

for configuring VLAN IPs and netmask please consult Linux forums.
for example:

please take a look at the file /etc/systemd/network/ on the Drive


Hello @ozzdemir,
can this topic be closed? do you need further clarification?