Change ethernet speed of HSD ports

Hello, how can I change the speed of the HSD Ethernet ports? Most seem to be configured as 100 MBit/s. Just one is configured with 1GBit/s.

Dear dlauber,

Could you please refer to the following doc link for this topic?
And please let us know which port is not available. Thanks.

Dear Steve,

I already looked at the documentation before, it does not seem to answer my question though. Like I mentioned, all HSD ports I tried seem to be available. But they all seem to be configured with 100 MBps Ethernet Speed only (Ethernet Module Channel LED flashes red). I tried J12, J11, J21 and J14 (basically all black ports). Just Channel A of HSD Port J14 is configured with 1Gbps (Ethernet Module Channel LED flashes green).

The referred documentation says that all black HSD ports (with exception of J11 Channel A) should support 1Gbps, so what am I missing?

Dear dlauber,

The DRIVE SW configuration sets all the ports to 100 Mbps except for the one port on J14 as he saw, this is also in the docs at

This is for connecting the Radar and Lidar for the Hyperion-7.1 Car config, which is the officially supported config for DRIVE SW. If you want to have a config with all ports set at 1 Gbps you can manually flash the Aurix FW with the non-hyperion config – it’s on the Xavier RFS at /lib/firmware/DRIVE-V5.1.0-E3550-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-3.02.07.hex Please follow the instructions in to flash from the Xavier.