Using both Tegras through Ethernet - Static IP

Hey everyone,

i am asking today because we want to use both tegras A and B at the same time and accessing them via Ethernet at the same time.
So we want to give Tegra A and Tegra B both a static IP adress and acessing them.
So now is my questions:

  1. Is it possible to give both Tegras a static IP adress and just accessing them through the side Ethernet Port? With this configuration, we could use the second Ethernet Port for internet acess

  2. If first idea is not possible, can we adress each tegra A and B to one Ethernet Port and access each tegra individually to a Ethernet Port? How do i have to do this?

  3. If second idea is working, do i have to make shared Wifi for Internet acess?

Thanks for answering, would be great if you can lead me to same topics.

Dear betznxqsv,

Here IP’s should match for Aurix and Tegra.
So could you please try it based on below?

  1. On Aurix Console
    a. Check output of “version” command and “status” command , below should be the default IP address set in Aurix
    i.IP-address (Tegra-A):
    ii.IP-address (Tegra-B):
    iii.IP-address (AURIX):

  2. On Target Console (Tegra A) check the following
    b. nvidia@nvidia:~ cat /etc/nvidia/version-nv-pdk.txt c. nvidia@nvidia:~ cat /etc/tacp/tacp.cfg

Concerning part 1 of your answer: How do you access the AURIX console to check those statuses? I could not find it in the manuals. Thank you!

Dear betznxqsv,

Could you please refer to below link for your question?
UART: Accessing DRIVE PX 2 via UART

Please use “sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1” for Aurix. Thanks.

Coming back to this after some time. The settings you mention are correct.

However, we need a permanent static ip on the eth0 to access both tegras from outside. So lets say tegra A and tegra B

How do you manage this?
So far I tried:

Neither approach worked.
Only way I could change it temporarily with
sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask

It does not work permanently, nor could I access both tegras. Can you give an example here?

Dear nobis,

Could you please let me know how to modify the /etc/systemd/network/ config file?