Using nvinfer(TensorRT) or nvinferserver on deepstream

Hi ,

I am running deep stream on Triton inference server in docker. How can I control using nvinfer or nvinferserver to do the inference when running the deep stream? For example, the objectDetector_SSD from the source file is using TensorRT or just using Triton inference server.

**• DeepStream Version:5.0
**• Triton inference server on docker



Triton (inference server) provides more usability for multiple model types like pytorch, tensorflow, tensorRT, etc.
But nvdsinfer (embedding tensorRT) focuses more on optimizations of memory usage and running speed.

So, which DS plugin you use for inference depends on what you need or what your purpose is.
In my opinion, triton is recommended during middle stages of developments (demos, prototypes, etc), nvdsinfer may be better for final product deployments.