Using Rapsberry Pi 3 as host machine

I would like to know if it would work. I checked the UBUNTU core and it seems pretty much the UBUNTU 16. So I believe I could use it for installing the JETPACK 3.0 using a RAspberry Pi 3.

It may be a better solution than using a VM or setting a computer to run Ubuntu.

JetPack is a front end to other software. Eventually flash runs an x86_64 binary executable…this will not run on either RPi or Jetsons. VMs can work, but many times one has to be somewhat of a guru to set up the USB port…it seems lots of default VM configurations end up with some sort of USB error (people with extended knowledge on the VM can probably get it working with USB buffer changes, or sometimes it works without special efforts).

FYI, if you just want to flash, you don’t need JetPack, which in turn would allow any x86_64 Linux host to work…the Ubuntu 14.04 requirement is a JetPack requirement. Command line flash has fewer requirements.