Using / Switching multiple cameras

Hi Nvidia-Community,

for our application we want to take a livestream of an 360° video (only horizontal 360°, not a sphere) at min. 25fps with high resolution. Additionally we need at a specific point an image of the bottom + top.
For our 360° livestream i would prefer to use min. 6 synchronous cameras and saw the board from Leopard-Imaging. If this is suitable to take a synchronous stream, I still need to clarify.
Now, when we reach our specific point I would like to switch to the cameras at the top. They should be min. 3 pieces. Bottom also.
So total amount of 12 cameras, in which I would like to stream always 6 cameras at synchronous time.
Is this possible with one Xavier NX and if, how?
And maybe somebody can answer the question about the components from LI:
Is the board and cameras from LI suitable for our requirements?

I also saw solutions from ximea, they are using PCIe with Fibre connection. Anybody some experience about that? Maybe this is the best solution for our use case?

In our “worst case” we can add an additional XavierNX module.

You may need to check with Leopard if the HW design the sync signal for those cameras.
For the software you may need using argus API to implement your APP. Below may the relative topic to sync sensor software implement.