Utilizing the Hardware DSP

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Could anyone give me some direction as to how I would program the onboard TX2 DSP to run an FFT of I/Q data from a USB source? I can’t find any documentation online to help me get started. Thanks in advance!

John Pooley

I’m not sure I correctly understand your case, but you can make efficient FFTs with the GPU using CUDA and its cuFFT library https://developer.nvidia.com/cufft.

Hi Honey_Patouceul,

Thanks for your reply… I’m trying to run a FFT on the DSP so I can do an iFFT on CUDA because I plan to max out those resources. Do you know of any resources about how I could access the hardware DSP?

Not sure again what you mean with DSP ?
If you mean using the APE engine for that, I cannot comment, but some else with better knowledge may share.

Yes, please let us know what you mean by “hardware DSP” here. Is there a link?

There is a Cortex-A9 dedicated to audio, but I think it uses a fixed set of hardware accelerators which do not include the ability to do arbitrary FFTs. The functions I see officially listed are:

Inter-IC Sound Controller (I2S)
Digital MIC Controller (DMIC)
Sony/Philips Digital Interface Controller (SPDIF)
Audio Multiplexer (AMX)
Audio De-Multiplexer (ADX)
Sampling Frequency Converter (SFC)
Audio Flow Controller (AFC)
Output Processing Engine (OPE)
Master Volume Control (MVC)
Audio Direct Memory Access Interface (ADMA I/F)
Radio Detection (ARAD)
Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion (ASRC)

I suppose “radio detection” might use FFT, but I have no information on it. You will probably have to use GPU if you are speaking of the audio HUB’s DSP functionality.

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Sorry I thought I read somewhere that there are 2 hardware DSPs separate from the ISPs… but I must have been mistaken. Thank you linuxdev for the helpful resource