Jetson APE ADSP FW customization


The Jeston SOC APE (Audio Processing Engine) have an ADSP (ARM A9 core) , we can not find any documentation regarding this ADSP FW update or customization, we are looking for a solution to use ADSP to do some acceleration for OPUS audio decode and encoder, is there any document tell us how to do it, add audio OPUS algorithm into ADSP Fw, and flash it? it that possible?


Unfortunately, the ADSP is not currently supported by L4T for Jetson and therefore, it is not possible to use. We have had some enquiries about this before and so we will make a note of this and review if this is something that we could support in the future. However, for now there are no plans to support this.


Thanks for your reply, and we will keep watching for NV support ADSP in the future. if we have IP inside our SOC , we always hope we can take advantage of it