V100 & A100 Product Lifecycle

Where I can find the product support lifecycle of V100 & A100?


Hi Edwin,

Is your question about DGX systems or generic A100/V100 GPU cards? For generic GPUs that are sold through our channel partners, could you please reach out to the system manufacturer for any lifecycle information?

If it’s related to DGX, which system(s) do you have? I will try to get that information to you, or have the right person respond in this thread.

Hi Czankel,

My system will run on HPE machines and got the answer from HPE.


Do you have an answer to your question?

I got from answer from my hardware vendor (HPE). The GPU follow typical H/W support life cycle for at least 5 years. So after 5 years, there may limited support of it and consider replace up-to-date GPU.