vDGA move to vGPU

Hi - any thoughts on what we need to do to move someone from vDGA to vGPU ?

Do we remove the PCI HOLE entry ?

"2. Adjust pciHole.start.

Note: This is required only if the virtual machine has more than 2GB of configured memory.

For virtual machines that have more than 2GB of configured memory, add the following parameter to the

.vmx file of the virtual machine (you can add this at the end of the file):

pciHole.start = “2048”

thank you for the assistance.

This is with regards to the vRAM in the VM, not GPU memory. If your VM has more than 2GB System Memory (vRAM) you most likely still need this.
You will need to not PASS THRU the GPU as a PCI-e device.
You will need to install a vGPU VIB driver on the Host and a corresponding NVIDIA WDDM driver on the VM.
Details here:
Click on the NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ Deployment Guide for VMware Horizon 6.1 link.

ok. thank you.

So it sounds like Add that pcihole.start to every VMX file of any View desktop using a K2 Card… yes?

If you’re on vSphere 6 you shouldn’t need this any longer.

anybody here can start vms with vDGA (full core per vm) in vsphere 6? I does not mean vGPU! I only can start one machine with vDGA core. The second one does not start. Im using GRID K1 cards.