Verfügbaren RTPS Stream weiterleiten an Server


I have a Jetson Nano 2Gb and would like to use it on the road to forward a RTPS stream to a server.

I have a HDMI WLAN module for my camera which takes the output from the HDMI and creates a RTPS stream from it. In the home network you can simply tap this with VLC.

I would like to use the Jetson Nano to receive this stream with WLAN and forward it via LTE. Gladly without transcoding so that simply the processed signal is made available in the network.

I imagine that it is possible since it should only be a provision of the signal on the network, but unfortunately do not know how I can do this.

Maybe someone here can help me.

Kind regards

You may check if there is existing gstreamer plugins that can run this use-case. We have gstreamer user guide that shows examples of using hardware acceleration on Jetson platforms. May take a look. But it does not have example of forwarding stream to LTE. This would need other users to share experience.

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