How to establish gstreamer based video streaming pipeline using RTP protocol

Problem Statement: Can anyone guide me how to establish RTP or RSTP to transmit video streaming (h.264) via ethernet.

Does Nvidia have any tutorial which can e used as a reference point to establish a pipel

Hardware: Transmission Side: Jetson AGX Xavier
Reception Side: Jetson AGX Xavier
Private network established between both the Xavier AGX.

Can anyone direct me to any reference page which I can use asa reference to create my pipeline.

My Setup: I have established a pipeline to capture camera (CSI-II) raw feed, convert, encode and display on HDMI? Issue happen when I try to transmit via RTP on network.

You may read :

You would find 2 items for these cases:
Q: Is there an example for running UDP streaming?
Q: Is there any example of running RTSP streaming?

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