Very High Speed IMX219 Camera w/ Xavier NX Jetpack 5


I would like to run a gstreamer pipeline which grabs frames from an IMX219 camera.

My requirements can vary from 1280x720@120FPS to 640x480@200FPS.

I am aware that this requires that I edit the kernel.
I have followed the documentation, and recompiled everything, but I am facing 3 main issues:

  1. nvarguscamerasrc does not support 8bit pixel size
  2. Once I go over 80FPS I can’t get a view of the entire image, it is always partial with a black stripe at the bottom, which appears to grow as I increate the FPS.
  3. Even if I ignore the fact that the image is partial, FPS measurement of gstreamer does not get to 1280x720@120FPS, only to about 100. That is when running with 20W/6CORE and jetson_clocks --fan

My goal is to have that configuration without binning (0x174,0x175 = 0), and in 8 bit so I can increase the available bandwidth.

Any help will be much appreciated. My best guess is that it has something to do with the pix_clk or some other registers.

Thanks in advance.

Reference to below topic for 720p@120

Hi @ShaneCCC ,

I am familiar with the post you are referring to. The problem I have is when I try to use this camera with crop only and without binning (Registers 0x174 = 0, 0x175 = 0), I can’t seem to get a picture which isn’t cut.
I see half the picture, and a wide black stripe on the other half.
This stripe gets smaller as I lower the frame rate.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

I would suggest consulting with Sony for the sensor REG configuration.


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