Very simple kernel launch failure


i’m trying to explore the cuda programming, and to do this, i added a Geforce 210 card to my dual core 64 bits windows 7 DELL desktop. I installed Cuda 6.5 with visual studio 2012.
The tests of memory bandwidth and deviceQuery run well, but when i tried to run the simple example of adding arrays provided when starting a new project, it is successfully complied but dosen’t run and an error related to to the fail of launching the kernel appeared.
I think that as it was mentioned in the following topic, it is a problem of architecture configuration but i didn’t know how to resolve it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Your gpu appears to be a compute capability 1.2 GPU, and CUDA 6.5 compiles for a cc 2.0+ gpu by default.

In the visual studio project properties, select the CUDA tab, and the device tab. Then modify the compile target to include compute_12,sm_12 as a compile target. Then recompile your application.

Thank you txbob, everything works properly now.