Developer tools Error

Hi i want to run cuda code on my Nvidia Graphics cards but it runs on intel graphics please help me.

addKernel launch failed: no kernel image is available for execution on the device
addWithCuda failed!

Got this error

If you google for that error text you will find useful descriptions. It usually means you are compiling for a GPU architecture that does not match the GPU you are running on. If you provide the type of GPU you are running on as well as the complete compile command line you are using, it will help to determine if that is the issue.

I am using Visual Studio to build and run the compile file, is there any command line statement to do so?

Nvidia Graphics Card: Geforce MX110
Operating System: Windows
CUDA Version: 12.2

The way to compile CUDA code from the command line is to use nvcc, whose documentation is found here:

A minimal compilation example might look like this:

nvcc -arch=sm_50 -o test.exe

To run the resulting executable just invoke test.exe.

Thanks it is working now