VI4 programming documentation

I am working with a jetson tx2 on an auvidea J120 carrier board. I managed to modify the ov5693 driver and the device tree for it to work with our own sensor. I noticed the framerate couldn’t be lower than 5hz in VI4 so I modified the vi4_fops.c :
chan->timeout = msecs_to_jiffies(-1);
Now I can capture frames with framerate lower than 5hz but when I change the frame height and width while capturing frames I obtain the following error :

It looks like because of the infinite timeout, it is blocking other controls such as windowing.
Is there any detailed documentation on vi4_fops.c ? Do you know how I could modify the code to enable infinite timeout without blocking other controls on the frame capture ?
Best regards

If you modify the timeout as infinite you need to make sure the capture are successfully otherwise it will waiting there cause the system stock.

BTW, don’t have document for VI programing. However you may reference to TRM for some informaiton.