Video Codec and Quadro P4000, P2000, P1000, P600, P400

Hello NVidia.

Is Video Codec SDK fully supported with all Quadro P* (without limitation of 2-encoder sessions per system) ?
How many encoder/decoder engines are present in chips GP106 (Quadro P2000) and GP107 (Quadro P1000/P600/P400) ?
What are Video Codec features and performance of new Quadro P* changed ?
Are all Quadro P* ready for passthrough in virtual enviroments/hypervisors (XenServer/KVM/vSphere/HyperV) ?
Please update !

Thanks, Martin


Now fully updated:
(but bugs in table P4000 - GP104 - 1x encoder ? Missing Tesla M10 !)

Still missing answer.

Hi, the performance of th Quadro p2000 posted on the nvidia offical website is more different with the table shown up.The data is shown on Will you conform it?

Where exactly ?
Did you read “NVENC_Application_Note.pdf” ?

hi, mcerveny.
I don’t really understand that the stable workaround you are talking about.
Have you successfully make P2000 work in virtual environment(Xen4.8, guest Fedora21+24, drivers 375.66,381.22)?

thanks. you are very professional.

It’s over a year later, myself and the internet would greatly appreciate the workaround used to pass the P2000 card through successfully. I’ll sign an NDA or whatever you want to do not share it. I’m running esxi 6.7 trying to pass it through to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM. Thanks for taking the time.