I tried to run AppDecode file in sample. I am getting an error saying
GPU in use: Quadro M1200
Decode with demuxing.
0hi[ERROR][13:26:29] General error -1094995529 at line 182 in file …/…/NvCodec/…/Utils/FFmpegDemuxer.h

0[ERROR][13:26:29] No AVFormatContext provided.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Please help!

Hi 2019ucs0021,
Can you provide exact reproduction steps to help. What is the Video Codec SDK version, driver version, OS, ffmpeg version, and command line used when you encounter this failure?

driver - nvidia 418.56
video codec sdk - 9.0.20
Os - ubuntu 18.04
ffmpeg - ffmpeg version 3.4.6-0ubuntu0.18.04.1

Steps - build the sample app AppMultiInput and run the executable.

P.S - Resolved by adding line av_code_register() in FFMpegDemuxer

Hi sharma.mayank2125,
Can you explain how to fix that bug?
I don’t know where to add av_code_register().

Many thanks

Oh, thanks.
I fixed that bug.
I add av_register_all() before avformat_network_init() in *CreateFormatContext and modify ctx = avformat_alloc_context();