Video format support in TX2

Hi everyone,
Currently, we try to develop FPGA for getting SDI input to CSI of TX2.
The video input format is YCbCr 4:2:2 10 bit.
Is this format support in TX2?

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We do not support YUV422 10 bit. You may check if you can run in 8-bit YUYV/UYVY. We support these formats through v4l2 interfaces.

Hi DaneLLL,
We change the format of YUV422 10 bit to 8 bits but when we get data input from CSI:

  • Half of screen shows still image -> green screen -> still image -> green screen … (it happen periodically, and still image is same)
  • Half of screen has no data, always shows green screen

The attached file is my screen when getting data

Do you have any idea about this problem?
All suggestions are appreciated.

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hello Quang_OpenStack,

let’s track this in Topic 1052162 for duplicate issue.