RAW Data in TX2

We get RGB RAW data through 4xCSI. I want to know whether these 4 channel RAW data are put together into a complete picture or four parts of a picture?
Another question is the YUV format can be supported by TX2 CSI?
Thank you.

hello Harris.li,

  1. please refer to Port Index session for the diagrams; I think you’re working with 4-lane configuration sensor. hence there will be single stream-id from VI engine to handle such signaling. you may also access TX2 Technical Reference Manual from download center; please refer to Chapter-27.10 PIXFMT for the detail of all support formats.

  2. YUV format is supported, you may also refer to Camera Architecture Stack, you should access YUV formats with v4l2src only. thanks

Hi Jerry,
Many thanks for your reply.