How to use libargus to get both RAW data and ISP processed data?

I can only get RAW or ISP processed data separately now, and I want to get both of them at the same time.

who can help me, thanks

Is it possible to get RAW data and ISP processed data at the same time? How to get it?

Need take time to check it.

Well, thanks a lot, hope to give results and methods soon

Is there a solution to the problem?

It should be possible, but we don’t have a sample app ready to demonstrate this simultaneously capture raw and yuv from the same sensor.

Following steps should be followed to achieve this:

  • On first stream, set pixel format as Bayer. iEGLStreamSettings->setPixelFormat(Argus::PIXEL_FMT_YCbCr_420_888)

  • On second stream, set pixel format as YUV. iEGLStreamSettings->setPixelFormat(PIXEL_FMT_RAW16);

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