Getting raw image data with TX2


I am looking for a solution to get raw data while processing videos using Argus library. I have read that Gstreamer can do it by installing batch v4l2src. Can I use these Argus and Gstreamer together ? If not, does Argus any function to get raw data ?

Sorry to tell not implement yet. And you can’t use Argus and gstreamer together.
What’s your use case need to get raw data from argus?

Thanks for your answer.

My use case is basically getting raw data for HDR imaging and process the video using Argus built-in functions. According to your sayings, it is not possible. So, how can I process raw video which I capture using gstreamer ? My operations are basically pixel wise operations, changing exposure, focus, operating on ROI etc.

Using the v4l2src is the only way to capture the raw data for current driver support. That means you can get any ISP function support it something like ISP by pass. Suppose we are going to implement capture raw data from argus framework but I can’t promise when will it be done.