Virtual PC & Virtual Workstation Drivers


Just to clarify if both vpc and vworkstation profiles on the m60 use the same set of drivers.

were having some issues with windows 10 display crashes on 0q profiles and need to make sure were using the correct drivers. we downloaded the drivers from the licensing page and it appears there weren’t different kits.

I was then watching a video where different drivers are mentioned: but he was interrupted and we didn’t find out the difference on that one.


J. Wirth

That’s me.

It’s a single binary that you install but the features in the stack are determined by the profile selected.

So, Quadro features and functionality is only in the Workstation edition, but you install from the same .exe regardless and it detects the profile type attached (same as it would if it were a physical device) and installs accordingly.

> were having some issues with windows 10 display crashes on 0q profiles

Can you give details of which hypervisor stack e.g. is this horizon 7.0 on vSphere…

and how many monitors and resolution and whether using nvenc via blast extreme?


Thanks for confirming that Jason.

As for our crashes (or freeze), here is the full stack:
3 x Dell R730 server with 1 x M60 (gpumode-switch done and set to graphics mode)
VMware ESXi 6.0 (3825889) > there were a few patches released very recently and will attempt to upgrade all hosts tonight with latest patches and fixes (4192238)
Windows 10 Enterprise (installed 1511 & fully patched)
XenDesktop 7.9 VDA with HDX3dPro

*when the freeze happens, its not the actual Windows machine, but the graphics session only… it just freezes the session. i then try to disconnect and connect again and just get a grey screen. I then try RDP but it remains connecting…i can still ping the machine and access remote event viewer and services console… Our only option is the reboot the machine from VMware console / Studio.
*the display freeze happens when using the smaller profiles (0q, 0b)… which I plan to give to all my users
*haven’t manage to reproduce to the issue with the larger profiles
*issue occurs when connecting from Windows PC Receiver and also from a 10zig zero client
*it was easier to reproduce when using the 0q than 0b for some reason when testing
*this freeze occurs when working normally in windows, like using normal browsers or office applications

*i first came across the issue when we did a performance test using passmark’s tool and it froze during the 3D tests for DX11… that tool reproduces the issue quite quickly.
*we have not managed to reproduce the same issue without the Citrix VDA installed. so the passmark tool goes through all the way on the exact same machine without VDA installed.

Opened cases with Citrix and NVidia [Incident: 160727-000032] but the progress is going quite slow.


Are you using single or multi monitor in your configuration? Which resolution?


Hi Simon,

the issue occurs on both single and multi monitor endpoints. always full HD resolution.

the crashes also are the same when connecting from windows machine with receiver and 10zig zero client.